Relationships with key partners are critical in any industry. Here is what some of those whom I have worked with in the past have to say about my professional approach, project delivery, and personality.

“Working with Gary Veasy for the past 26 years proved to be a rewarding experience, not only for myself, but for all of his colleagues. Gary possesses a broad range of technical expertise, as well as proven managerial skills. I would highly recommend Gary to any organization that is looking for a highly motivated, talented, and conscientious employee. Please feel free to contact me. Al Arrigoni”

-Al Arrigoni, Vice President Construction, Longs Drugs managed Gary at Longs Drugs

“Commercial Retail Associates has represented Longs Drug Stores for over fifteen years in the Central San Joaquin Valley. During that period, we have worked with Gary Veasy in a number of capacities and he has excelled at all. In our early years, Gary was responsible for site plans, building design or elevations, building cost management and development coordination. I found Gary to be a thorough professional and a unique problem solver. Gary used his vast experience in shopping center and store development to create options or solutions that benefit the developer and the tenant. Later, Gary acted as an effective leader of the development team at Longs and was always available to oversee, teach and make the hard decisions in store development. I sincerely value the opportunity I have had to work with Gary! His integrity, professionalism and knowledge would benefit any organization. Sincerely, Thomas S. Anderson”

-Tom Anderson, President, Commercial Retail Associates was a consultant or contractor to Gary at Longs Drugs

“Gary is the guy you always hope will be on your team. He doesn't get flustered or overwhelmed by details. I always relied on him as a person with practical and creative solutions to obstacles. He was able to manage projects and his team with skill and finesse. He was always sought out by senior management as a guiding voice in resolving issues because of his knowledge and integrity.”

-Sandra Rosen, Senior Corporate Counsel, Longs Drugs Stores Corporation worked with Gary at Longs Drugs

“I worked with Gary Veasy for over 20 years while I was at Longs Drug Stores. As Vice President of Real Estate my responsibilities were to get new store sites approved . I would then work with the Design Department in acquiring the necessary governmental entitlements required to open the stores. Gary Veasy, in his capacity as Design Manager and then later as Director of the Design Department, always exhibited a solid understanding of how to achieve what Longs needed, what the governmental agencies required and how to design stores and parking lots that were very practicable and affordable. Gary is adept at problem solving. Gary's people skills , whether it be with Longs personnel , outside consultants, developers or governmental agencies, was very fair, truthful and straightforward. Gary knows how to achieve "win-win" situations for all parties involved in Longs transactions. Gary is a honest and hardworking employee. Gary would be an asset to any company that hires him.”
-Mike Raphel, Owner, kk Raphel Properties worked directly with Gary at Longs Drugs


“Gary and I worked together after Longs embarked on its Total Visual Appeal branding initiative. Gary was intimately involved in many aspects of the program from concept development, writing the RFP, prototyping, to the ultimate rollout of the program to over half the Longs chain prior to their aquisition by CVS. From a design standpoint, Gary always had a clear vision of the big picture and was instrumental in developing superior design solutions that met both strategic and financial objectives. We worked with him on the original TVA package, the HIspanic package, and many other initiatives involving fixtures and decor. Gary always operated as a true business partner keeping Longs' interests at the forefront while treating me and my team fairly. Although Gary had many responsibilities outside of the store design arena he always went out of his way to be fully engaged in every aspect of the design process through to final execution of the products we provided to Longs. Gary's expertise and professional execution would be an asset to any organization in the retail industry.”
-Lou Novoa, Executive Account Representative, Impressions Marketing Group, Inc. was a consultant or contractor to Gary at Longs Drugs

“I've worked closely with Gary on the development and implementation of retail designs and programs for about 7 years now. During this time, Gary has repeatedly proven to be a skilled manager with an innate ability to identify and retain what is most critical throughout the evolution and implementation of design solutions. His insights, diligence, and consistent good nature have made it a pleasure to work with Gary, and have ensured that our collaborations have resulted in repeated success.”
-Jean-Paul Morresi, Executive Creative Director, Watt International was with another company when working with Gary at Longs Drugs

“I worked with Gary on several key initiatives at Longs, and found Gary to be a creative design professional with strong problem solving skills. Gary's depth of knowledge in his field enables him to quickly deliver design results, and solve difficult problems. In addition, Gary is personable and enjoyable to work with.... very important in todays fast-paced and stressful work environment!”
-Dave Stewart, VP Advertising, Longs Drugs worked with Gary at Longs Drugs


“While serving as the Agency of Record for Longs Drugs, I worked with Gary on the development retail designs, in-store sigange initiatives and promotional materials. Gary demonstrated a clear understanding of brand strategy and communication objectives and always provided thoughtful and creative input. In the years we worked together on various initiatives, Gary consistently demonstrated his ability to reach creative solutions to problems while delivering impressive results. Gary is talented, an excellent communicator and a pleasure to work with.”
-Jill Melchionda, Director of Client Services, Baker Street Partners (formerly Pickett Advertising) was with another company when working with Gary at Longs Drugs

“I have known Gary for several years but worked with him closely as I took on the role of Director of Business Development and had the responsibility for in-store clinics in addition to managing the process of small pharmacy acquisitions. Gary is a very detail oriented architect with several years of experience at Longs Drugs, designing stores from the ground up as well as remodels of existing stores. He has a way of plowing through problems and coming up with solutions that work for the folks who have to work on a daily basis in the stores. Gary was very highly respected by everyone at Longs. He will be a valuable asset where ever he ultimately ends up landing after Longs.”
-Doug Halm, Director, Business Development, Longs Drugs worked with Gary at Longs Drugs


“I have worked with Gary on numerous projects while he was a designer and also Director of Design at Longs Drug Stores. With Gary, our firm completed several drug stores and re-designed departments in the Longs Headquarters and branch offices. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Gary, he has well developed design skills and is an excellent project manager. Gary has been dedicated to the sucess of Longs Design Department and under his leadership, I am sure the Longs Design Department maintained the highest level of quality and design excellence. I recommend Gary for any design or management position that he is seeking.”
-Robert Lyman, Partner, Johnson Lyman Architects, LLP was with another company when working with Gary at Longs Drugs

“I worked with Gary and he always exhibited a great understanding of what look Longs was trying to achieve and the most fiscally responsible way to do it. Gary was always available and extremely helpful in any problem solving issues I may have had at a given project site. Gary always knew what governmental agencies required notification and what detailed information they wanted for a wide range of projects. This and the fact that Gary is a very fair, honest, forward thinking, and commonsense type of person made him a joy to work with. Gary would be a great and welcomed addition to anybody’s team”
-Scott Dephillips, Construction Project Manager, Longs Drugs worked directly with Gary at Longs Drugs

“I worked for Gary as a sign consultant on many projects over a 12 year period. Gary was always very professional, supportive, helpful, and constructive when I worked with him. His knowledge and experience was clearly demonstrated by the excellant product Longs Drugs delivered. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is interested in having a loyal professional on their team.”
-Andy Soares, Sales Manager, United Sign Systems reported to Gary at Longs Drugs / CVS Caremark


“Gary would be a welcome addition for any company looking for a creative and knowledgeable professional. He has superior design skills and is very detail orientated. He was also a great collaborator and was always available to help. I would strongly recommend Gary to any business looking for someone with a solid management style and who could make an immediate impact.”
-Mark Banister, Director, Longs Drugs worked with Gary at Longs Drugs

“Having had Gary as my direct supervisor for the past twelve years, I can say with certainty that he is an excellent leader and an exceptional architect. His knowledge of development processes is outstanding. I give Gary my highest recommendation.”

-George Ramstad, Design Manager/Architect, Longs Drug Stores reported to Gary at Longs Drugs

“Gary Veasy always clearly and concisely communicates project goals. This, coupled with his commitment to good design, has lead to the successful completion of many projects we have worked on together. During his tenure at Longs Drugs Stores he overseen the transformation of hundreds of old and dated stores into vibrant contemporary shopping destinations. At the same time he and his design staff successfully completed the largest new store expansion in the history of Longs Drugs Stores. His vision, commitment , straight forward manner and good sense of humor have always made him a pleasure to work with.”
-Laile Giansetto, Principal, PSM Architects, Inc. was with another company when working with Gary at Longs Drugs


“I worked with Gary and his design team at Longs Drugs as outside counsel on several new store and land use matters. Gary is a very effective manager of people. He provided clear and intelligent direction, and was well liked and respected by those that dealt with him. Gary would be a great hire for any retailer, developer or land owner with design needs.”
-Mike Digeromio, Shareholder, Miller Starr was with another company when working with Gary at Longs Drugs

“I have worked with Gary on a number of projects and issues over the years at Longs and find him to be direct, responsive, demanding, honest and fair. He has a sharp mind and demonstrates the ability to see complex situations from the perspectives of others. He is a solid manager who knows how to lead and retain top talent. I am fortunate to have worked with Gary and appreciate the way he encouraged me think about issues from more than my own perspective. High integrity and drive for results are two of his strongest competencies and he expects the same in those with whom he works - employees and vendors alike.”
-Scott Ridgway, Director, Recruitment and Retention, Longs Drugs worked with Gary at Longs Drugs


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