Web Design Examples

Besides this site, here are several examples of websites that Gary designed and managed.


St. Francis Of Assisi School

SFA is a Catholic elementary school in Concord. The website was launched, designed, and managed by Gary for 9 years. The site served as a marketing and communication tool for parents. teachers, students, and parishioners. Additional work included logos such as the annual fund and special event pages that are not currently linked from the main site but are listed below.

Please note that while most pages are still live, a few pages tied to databases on the original site will not fully load.

Main Site:

Special Event Pages:
2007 Auction (includes sound)  
2008 Auction (includes sound)  
2009 Auction (includes sound)  
2008 Golf Tournament

Logo Work:
2008-2009 Annual Fund


Valley Vista Swim Team

Valley Vista Swim Team is a rec swim team located in Walnut Creek at Club Sport Valley Vista. The website was handed over to Gary in 2008 and was redesigned. Design and management took place over 2 years until Gary's children were no longer involved in the team.

The site includes some video, a secure area for parents to view swimmer and team information that may be sensitive, as well as photo slide shows of all meets as well as general information about the team.

Like the St. Francis site, there were some pages with scripts on them tied to databases on the original site that will not fully load on this website.

Main Site:

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